New Girl in Town

Original Broadway Production (1957)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Roll Yer Socks Up .... Seaman, Dancers and Singers
  • Anna Lilla .... Chris
  • Sunshine Girl .... Oscar, Pete and Bartender
  • On the Farm .... Anna
  • Flings .... Marthy, Lily and Pearl
  • It's Good to Be Alive .... Anna
  • Look at 'Er .... Mat
  • It's Good to Be Alive (Reprise) .... Mat
  • Yer My Friend, Ain'tcha? .... Marthy and Chris
  • Did You Close Your Eyes? .... Anna and Mat
  • At the Check Apron Ball .... Dancers and Singers
  • There Ain't No Flies on Me .... Anna, Harvey Hohnecker (dancer), Harvey Jung (dancer), Pete, Dale Moreda (dancer) and Company

Act Two

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  • Ven I Valse .... Anna, Chris, Dancers and Singers
  • Sunshine Girl (Reprise) .... Dancers and Singers
  • If That Was Love .... Anna
  • Ballet .... Anna, Masher and Dancers
  • Chess and Checkers .... Marthy, Dancers and Singers
  • Look at 'Er (Reprise) .... Mat

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

The role of Anna was originally written to have little or no dancing, despite Gwen Verdon's extraordinary dance skills. As a result, actress-singer Ann Williams was hired to be Verdon's understudy, as well as to play a supporting role. During rehearsals and tryouts, considerable dancing was added to the role. So much dancing was added that for some time five understudies were listed for Verdon. Williams was listed first in the playbill as the understudy, with Clairborne Cary, Pat Ferrier and Marie Kolin then listed as the dance understuides for Verdon, and Mara Lynn was then listed as the alternate. It's not clear from the playbill whether Lynn's listing as alternate meant that she was the alternate dance understudy or that she was an alternate understudy who would be able to perform the entire role or that she was an alternate performer for the role who would be performing it on a regular basis. The last, however, seems unlikely, and there is no evidence that Lynn performed the role on that basis.

By the week of August 19, 1957, Joan Holloway was listed as the sole understudy for the role.

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