Closed on the road (1977)

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Act One

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  • Diary of a Dying Princess, The .... Tadukhipa, Penmut, Tushratta and Citizens of Mitanni
  • Lama Su Apapi .... Penmut
  • Penmut's Apology .... Penmut
  • Everything Is Possible .... Tadukhipa
  • The Diary of a Dying Princess (Reprise) .... Tadukhipa, Hap, Penmut
  • Breakfast at Thebes .... Tiy and Household Staff
  • Father .... Akhnaton
  • Pardon Me a Minute .... Nefertiti
  • Beautiful Has Come .... Akhnaton and Attendants
  • Whatever Happened to Me? .... Hap
  • Whatever Happened to Me? (Reprise) .... Hap
  • It Happens Very Softly .... Nefertiti and Handmaidens
  • Legions of the Night .... Ipy and Priests
  • Light Will Shine .... Akhnaton and Citizens of Thebes
  • Everything Is Possible (Reprise) .... Nefertiti and Akhnaton

Act Two

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  • Under the Sun .... Akhnaton, Nefertiti and Their Followers
  • New World, The .... Akhnaton
  • Free Translation, A .... Hap, Tushratta and Mitannites
  • Someone Is Here .... Nefertiti and the Artists
  • Another Free Translation .... Hap and Tushratta
  • Dinner at Thebes .... Tiy, Ipy and Hap
  • Take Off the Sandal .... Nefertiti

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Trivia & History

On September 17, 1977, three days before the offical opening in Chicago, star Andrea Marcovicci was hit on the head when a pipe fell during a preview performance. She was X-rayed and it was found that she was not seriously injured. After two days of rest, she did play the opening night performance on September 20. (Source: Notes on People, New York Times, September 20, 1977.)

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