The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Broadway Transfer (1985)

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Cast Highlights

Mayor Thomas Sapsea/Your Chairman, Mr. William Cartwright
John Jasper/Clive Paget
Rev. Mr. Crisparkle/Cedric Moncrieffe
Edwin Drood/Alice Nutting
Helena Landless/Janet Conover
Neville Landless/Victor Grinstead
Durdles/Nick Cricker
Princess Puffer/Angela Prysock
Servant (Philip Bax)
Stage Manager, Barkeep, Harold/ James Throttle

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • There You Are .... Chairman and Company
  • A Man Could Go Quite Mad .... Jasper
  • Two Kinsmen .... Drood and Jasper
  • Moonfall .... Rosa
  • A British Subject .... Neville and Crisparkle with Jasper, Rosa and Helena
  • Moonfall (Reprise) .... Rosa and Helena with Alice and Beatrice
  • I Wouldn't Say No .... Durdles, Deputy, Chairman with Ensemble
  • The Wages of Sin .... Princess Puffer
  • Jasper's Vision .... Jasper
  • Ceylon .... Helena, Neville, Drood and Rosa with Ensemble
  • Both Sides of the Coin .... Jasper and Chairman with Ensemble
  • Perfect Strangers .... Drood and Rosa
  • No Good Can Come from Bad .... Neville, Drood, Rosa, Helena, Crisparkle, Jasper and Bazzard with Servants
  • The Name of Love .... Rosa and Jasper with Ensemble
  • Moonfall (Reprise) .... Rosa and Jasper with Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Settling Up the Score .... Datchery and Princess Puffer with Ensemble
  • Off to the Races .... Chairman, Durdles and Deputy with Ensemble
  • Don't Quit While You're Ahead .... Princess Puffer with the Company
  • The Garden Path to Hell .... Princess Puffer
  • Out on a Limerick .... Datchery
  • Jasper's Confession .... Jasper
  • Murderer's Confession .... Various
  • The Writing on the Wall .... Drood and Ensemble

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Trivia & History

During the Broadway run the title was changed to Drood, primarily for publicity purposes.

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