Miss Moffat

Closed on the road (1974)

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Cast Highlights

Morgan Evans
Mr. Jones
Mrs. Sprode
Miss Ronberry
Bessie Watty
Mrs. Watty
Miss Moffat
Ole Mr. Pete
Marse Jeff

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • A Wonderful Game .... Miss Moffat
  • A Wonderful Game (Reprise) .... Miss Moffat, Mr. Jones, Miss Ronberry, Children
  • Pray for the Snow .... Morgan
  • Here in the South .... Senator, Miss Moffat, Ensemble
  • Tomorrow .... Miss Moffat
  • Tomorrow (Reprise) .... Miss Moffat, Ensemble
  • There's More to a Man Than His Head .... Bessie, Mr. Pete, Boys
  • Time's A-Flyin' .... Company
  • Here in the South (Reprise) .... Miss Moffat, Senator
  • You Don't Need a Nailfile in a Cornfield .... Morgan
  • There's More to a Man Than His Head (Reprise) .... Bessie
  • The Words Unspoken .... Miss Moffat

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Peekaboo, Jehovah! .... Mrs. Watty, Ensemble
  • The Words Unspoken (Reprise) .... Miss Moffat
  • Go, Go, Morgan .... Ensemble
  • I Can Talk Now .... Morgan, Miss Moffat, Ensemble
  • If I Weren't Me .... Miss Moffat, Senator
  • What Could Be Fairer Than That? .... Bessie
  • The Debt I Owe .... Morgan
  • I Shall Experience It Again .... Miss Moffat

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Trivia & History

The production was to have played the first engagment of what was expected to be a nine-month pre-Broadway tour at the Morris Mechanic Theatre in Baltimore. It was to have opened there on September 9, 1974, but the Baltimore run was canceled when star Bette Davis became ill with what was announced to the press as a back ailment.

The only pre-Broadway engagement ended up being at the Shubert in Philadelphia, where, after a postponement or two, it opened on October 7, after 1 preview. (Some sources incorrectly give the opening date as October 10.) The run there was to have been through October 26, but it closed on October 18, which was a Friday night, when Davis again became ill. (Some later sources give the closing date as October 17, but sources as the time said it closed on October 18.) The rest of the pre-Broadway tour was canceled, along with any hopes of opening on Broadway. The next pre-Broadway was to have been at the Shubert in Boston, where it was to have opened a three-week run on October 28.

Also canceled was the cast recording, which RCA had contracted to record.

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