Miss Liberty

Original Broadway Production (1949)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Maisie Dell
James Gordon Bennett
Horace Miller
Joseph Pulitzer
Monique DuPont
The Countess
A Lamplighter
The Dandy

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Extra, Extra .... Newsboys and Ensemble
  • What Do I Have to Do to Get My Picture Took? .... Maisie, Horace and The Dancers
  • The Most Expensive Statue in the World .... Pulitzer, Bennett, The Mayor, The Singers and Dancers
  • A Little Fish in a Big Pond .... Horace, Maisie and The Sharks
  • Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk .... Horace, Monique, The Singers and Dancers
  • Homework .... Maisie
  • Paris Wakes Up and Smiles .... Lamplighter, Monique and Ensemble
  • Only for Americans .... The Countess, Horace, The Singers and Dancers
  • Just One Way to Say I Love You .... Horace and Monique

Act Two

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  • Miss Liberty .... Entire Company
  • The Train .... Monique, The Train and Reception Delegation
  • You Can Have Him .... Maisie and Monique
  • The Policeman's Ball .... Maisie, The Dandy and The Ensemble
  • Homework (Reprise) .... Maisie
  • Follow the Leader Jig .... The Ensemble
  • Me and My Bundle .... Horace, Monique and Company
  • Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun .... Maisie
  • "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" (Poem by Emma Lazarus) .... Monique and The Singers

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