Minnie's Boys

Original Broadway Production (1970)

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Cast Highlights

Julie Marx (Groucho)
Leonard Marx (Chico)
Adolph Marx (Harpo)
Herbie Marx (Zeppo)
Milton Marx (Gummo)
Minnie Marx
Sam (Frenchie) Marx
Al Shean
E. F. Albee
Mrs. McNish

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Five Growing Boys .... Minnie and Neighbors
  • Rich Is .... Al and the Marx Family
  • More Precious Far .... Julie, Herbie, Adolph, Minnie
  • Four Nightingales .... Julie, Herbie, Adolph
  • Underneath It All .... Maxie & Girls
  • Mama, A Rainbow .... Adolph, Minnie
  • You Don't Have to Do It for Me .... Minnie, Julie, Leonard, Adolph, Herbie
  • If You Wind Me Up .... Minnie, Julie, Herbie, Adolph, Leonard
  • Where Was I When They Passed Out Luck? .... Julie, Herbie, Adolph, Leonard

Act Two

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  • The Smell of Christmas .... Julie, Adolph, Herbie, Leonard
  • You Remind Me of You .... Julie, Mrs. McNish
  • Minnie's Boys .... Minnie and the Company
  • Be Happy .... Minnie
  • The Act .... Julie, Herbie, Adolph, Leonard, Minnie
  • Finale .... The Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

The opening date originally announced for the production was March 7, 1970, with previews starting January 29, but the opening was delayed till March 26.

Even had the production opened on its originally scheduled opening date, that would have been an exceptionally long preview period for 1970, but the show had chosen not to play an out-of-town tryout, which was still relatively rare for Broadway musicals at the time, especially ones 

On February 11, it was announced in the press that the original director, Lawrence Kornfeld, and the original choreographer, Patricia Birch, would be replaced by Stanley Prager and Marc Breaux, respectively.

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