Me and Juliet

Original Broadway Production (1953)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • A Very Special Day .... Jeanie and Trio
  • That's the Way It Happens .... Jeanie and Trio
  • Reprise: That's the Way It Happens .... Larry
  • Dance Impromptu .... Chorus, George and Trio
  • Overture to ”Me and Juliet” .... Dario and Orchestra
  • Opening of ”Me and Juliet” .... Lily, Jim, Susie and Charlie
  • Marriage Type Love .... Charlie, Lily and Singers
  • Keep It Gay .... Bob, Jim and Chorus
  • Reprise: Keep It Gay .... Betty and Buzz
  • The Big Black Giant .... Larry
  • No Other Love .... Jeanie and Larry
  • Dance .... Ralph, Francine and Elizabeth
  • Reprise: The Big Black Giant .... Ruby
  • It's Me .... Betty and Jeanie
  • First Act Finale of ”Me and Juliet” .... Lily, Betty, Charlie, Jim, Jeanie and Chorus

Act Two

  • Intermission Talk .... Herbie and Chorus
  • It Feels Good .... Bob
  • Sequence in Second Act of ”Me and Juliet” .... Jim, Betty and Dancers
  • We Deserve Each Other .... Betty, Jim and Chorus
  • I'm Your Girl .... Jeanie and Larry
  • Second Act Finale of ”Me and Juliet” .... Charlie, Lily, Betty, Jim and Chorus
  • Finale of Our Play .... Entire Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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