Mata Hari

Closed on the road (1967)

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Young Soldier
Lt. Boulet
Capt. Henry LaFarge
Mata Hari
Vaudeville Man
Paulette LaFarge
Major Bonnard

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Is This Fact? .... LaFarge, Devries, Boulet & Officers
  • Mata Hari's Dance at the Salon .... Mata Hari & Dancing Girls
  • Everyone Has Something to Hide .... Mata Hari & Ensemble
  • How Young You Were Tonight .... LaFarge & Paulette
  • I'm Saving Myself for a Soldier .... Vaudevillians & Ensemble
  • I'm Saving Myself for a Soldier (reprise) .... Vaudevillians & Ensemble
  • Maman .... Young Soldier
  • The Choice is Yours .... Mata Hari & LaFarge
  • The Choice is Yours .... Paulette, LaFarge, Claudine, Mr. Dupre, Mrs. Dupre, Philipe, Michele, Maurice & Pierre
  • Not Now, Not Here .... Mata Hari
  • Is This Fact? (reprise) .... LaFarge

Act Two

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  • Hello, Yank .... Young Soldier & French and American Soldiers
  • In Madrid .... Ensemble
  • Dance at the Cafe del Toro .... Mata Hari & Dancers
  • I Don't See Him Very Much Anymore .... Paulette
  • You Have No Idea .... Mata Hari, LaFarge, Boulet & Officers
  • The Arrest .... Ensemble
  • Interrogation and Ballet .... Mata Hari, Major Bonnard & Dancers
  • Sextet (reprise) .... Paulette, Relatives & People on the Street
  • There Is No You .... LaFarge
  • There Will Be Love Again .... Mata Hari

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Trivia & History

The first preview in Washington, D.C., has become legendary. It was performed before the Women's National Democratic Club (including Lynda Byrd Johnson, eldest daughter of President Johnson).

The curtain rose at 9 and the performance ran until after midnight. Among other mishaps, scenery fell apart, dancers slipped and accidentally tripped each other up, costumes became loose, the audience kept laughing in parts that were supposed to be serious, and star Marisa Mell, playing the legendary spy, was accidentally spotlit while nearly nude during a costume change. At the end of the evening, after Mell was executed by the firing squad, she was seen breathing heavily as she lay "dead" on the stage and at one moment she scratched her forehead, which reportedly brought down the house. There was no curtain call that night.

The next day a Washington gossip column ran a story with the headline "Mata Hari Hilarious."

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