Original London Production (1959)

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  • Romance at the Manse .... Mrs. Pringle and Chorus
  • Love Can't Be Learned .... Marigold and Chorus
  • Such Will Be Our Life .... Lt. Duncannon, Captain Lumsden, Mordan, Major Sellar, Captain Innes and Chorus
  • According to Mr. Payton .... Marigold, Mrs Pringle & Chorus
  • Always Ask Your Heart .... Archie Forsyth
  • Princes Street .... Marigold and Chorus
  • Her Majesty's Health .... Archie Forsyth and Chorus
  • Wonderful View .... Archie Forsyth and Marigold
  • Reel .... Chorus
  • Present-day Youth .... Company
  • Always Ask Your Heart (Reprise) .... Archie Forsyth
  • Fashionable Pair .... Marigold, Mrs. Pringle and Chorus
  • Finale .... Company

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