World Premiere (1972)

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Aunt Trina
Aunt Jenny
Aunt Sigrid
Uncle Chris
Florence Dana Moorhead

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Mama's Bank Account .... Mama, Papa, Katrin, Nels, Christine, Dagmar
  • When Will It Happen? .... Katrin
  • Ticka-Tick .... Jenny, Sigrid
  • Is Good .... Mama
  • Is Good (Reprise) .... Mama, Jenny, Sigrid
  • Tomorrow Night .... Mama, Katrin, Papa, Nels, Dagmar, Christine, Trina, Mr. Hyde
  • Put Out the Light .... Mama
  • Ticka-Tick (Reprise) .... Jenny, Sigrid, Tina
  • Your Own Uncle Cris .... Uncle Chris, Katrin, Christine, Nels
  • There It Goes .... Katrin
  • I Have a Word .... Uncle Chris, Arne
  • Not Like You .... Mama
  • Today .... Mama and Company

Act Two

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  • Was It Beautiful? .... Mama, Katrin
  • Tomorrow Night (Reprise) .... Nels
  • Mr. Thorkelson Noticed Me .... Trina
  • Rag .... Mama and Company
  • Min Elskede .... Papa
  • You Cannot Turn Back .... Mama and Company
  • It's Easy When You Know How .... Mama
  • When Did I Happen .... Katrin

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Trivia & History

Our list of musical numbers on this page comes from the program. During the run, several songs seem to have been cut and there was a bit of restructuring of the musical numbers. The songs that seem to have been cut were "Ticka-Tock," "Tomorrow Night," and "Was It Beautiful?" 

"When Will It Happen?" seems to have been moved to after "Is Good" and the reprise of that song.

It's possible that some of these changes were made late in rehearsals.

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