Original Broadway Production (1953)

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Director (replacement)
Additional Musical Staging and Choreography

Cast Highlights

Alick Wylie
James Wylie
David Wylie
Maggie Wylie
John Shand
Madame Marstonne
Sybil Tenterdon
John Shand (in ballet)
Maggie Wylie (in ballet)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I Never Laughed in My Life .... John
  • Long and Weary Wait .... John and Maggie
  • Thimbleful .... Alick, David, James, John, Maggie
  • He's the Man .... John, Singers, Dancers
  • What Every Woman Knows .... Maggie
  • Any Afternoon About Five .... Marstonne
  • Smile for Me .... Maggie
    • (Staged by Paul Godkin)
  • You Become Me .... Maggie and John
  • He's the Man (Reprise) .... Company
  • It's Only Thirty Years .... Marstonne and Venables
  • What Every Woman Knows (Reprise) .... Maggie
  • The New Me—Ballet .... Maggie, Alick, David, James, Singers and Dancers

Act Two

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  • The Train With the Cushioned Seats .... David, Alick, James
    • (Staged by Paul Godkin)
  • People in Love .... John & Sybil
  • Practical .... Maggie
  • Charm .... Maggie
  • Fun in the Country .... Marstonne
  • What Every Woman Knows (Reprise) .... Maggie
  • Smile for Me (Reprise) .... Maggie
  • You Become Me (Reprise) .... John

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Trivia & History

During the tryout, co-producer John Fearnley replaced Michael Gordon as director, although Gordon retained sole directorial credit. In addition, Paul Godkin joined the production to provide musical staging and choreography for at least two numbers, but he was credited only in the list of musical number.

There was also a cast replacement during the tryout. Odette Myrtil replaced Irene Bordoni in the important supporting role of Madame Marstonne.

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