Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen

Original Broadway Production (1970)

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Cast Highlights

Colonel Wainwright Purdy III
Sergeant Gregovich
Captain Fisby
Old Lady
Miss Higa Jiga
Mr. Oshira
Mr. Hokaida
Lotus Blossom
Captain McLean

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • With a Snap of My Finger .... Sakini, Okinawans and G.I.'s
  • Right Hand Man .... Purdy, Sakini, Fisby and G.I.'s
  • Find Your Own Cricket .... Sakini, Oshira, Higa Jiga and Villagers
  • One Side of World .... Sakini
  • Geisha .... Lotus Blossom
  • You Say—They Say .... Sakini and Villagers
  • This Time .... Fisby
  • Simple Word .... Lotus Blossom
  • Garden Guaracha .... McLean
  • If It's Good Enough for Lady Astor .... Fisby, McLean, Sakini and Villagers

Act Two

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  • Chaya .... Sakini and Villagers
  • Call Me Back .... Fisby, McLean and Sakini
  • Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen .... Sakini
  • You've Broken a Fine Woman's Heart .... Colonel Purdy
  • One More for the Last One .... Sakini, Gregovich, G.I.'s and Villagers

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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