Love Life

Original Broadway Production (1948)

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Cast Highlights

Susan Cooper
Sam Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper
Johnny Cooper
Punch ("Punch and Judy Get a Divorce")
Judy ("Punch and Judy Get a Divorce")
Mr. Cynic
Miss Ideal Man

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Who Is Samuel Cooper .... Mary Jo, George, Jonathan, Charlie, Hank and Women
  • My Name Is Samuel Cooper .... Sam
  • Here I'll Stay .... Susan and Sam
  • Progress .... The Go-Getters
  • I Remember It Well .... Susan and Sam
  • Green-Up Time .... Susan, Men and Women
  • Green-Up Time (Dance) .... Arthur Partington and Dancers
  • Economics .... Quartette
  • Mother's Getting Nervous .... Three Tots
  • My Kind of Night .... Sam
  • Women's Club Blues .... Susan and Women
  • Dance .... Dancers
  • Love Song .... Hobo
  • I'm Your Man .... Sam, Slade, Boylan, Harvey, Leffcourt

Act Two

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  • Ho, Billy O! .... Madrigal Singers
  • I Remember It Well (Reprise) .... Sam and Susan
  • Is It Him or Is It Me .... Susan
  • Punch and Judy Get a Divorce .... Punch, Judy, Lawyer, Judge, Bell Hop, Correspondent, Lawyers, Flighty Pair, Speedy Pair, Child, Father, Mother, Hep Cats
  • This Is the Life .... Sam
  • Here I'll Stay (Reprise) .... Interlocutor
  • Minstrel Parade .... Minstrels
  • Madame Zuzu .... Miss Horoscope and Miss Mysticism
  • Taking No Chances .... Mr. Cynic
  • Mr. Right .... Susan and Miss Ideal Man

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Trivia & History

Limited Partnership "Dish for the Gods & Co." was filed with the New York County Clerk's office on August 17, 1948. By that time, the show was titled Love Life and not the original title, Dish for the Gods.

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