Love and Let Love

Original Off-Broadway Production (1968)

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Count Orsino
Sir Toby Belch
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Countess Olivia

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I've Got a Plan .... Viola and Captain
  • If She Could Only Feel the Same .... Orsino
  • The Dancing Rogue .... Toby and Andrew
  • Will He Ever Know? .... Viola
  • I Like It .... Olivia
  • Man Is Made for Woman .... Feste, Toby, Andrew
  • Epistle of Love .... Maria, Toby, Andrew, Feste
  • Love Lesson .... Orsino and Viola
  • I'll Smile .... Malvolio

Act Two

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  • I Will Have Him .... Olivia
  • Write Him a Challenge .... Toby, Andrew
  • She Called Me Fellow .... Malvolio
  • They'll Say I've Been Dreaming .... Sebastian
  • How Do I Know You're Not Mad, Sir? .... Feste, Malvolio
  • I Like It (Reprise) .... Olivia, Sebastian
  • I Found My Twin .... Ensemble
  • Some Are Born Great .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

Columbia Records invested $25,000 in the production, buying the recording rights to the production but the label never released a recording. Eventually, a privately pressed cast recording could occasionally be found in stores with a strong focus on cast recordings. We don't know if Columbia did record the score but then decided not to issue it and that is the recording that has circulated in a limited fashion, or if this was one of a number of Off-Broadway musicals that made a cast recording for private distribution. The latter is something that Equity seems to have allowed as long as copies were made available only to those involved in a production.

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