Look to the Lilies

Original Broadway Production (1970)

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Cast Highlights

Homer Smith
Mother Maria
Sister Gertrude
Sister Elizabeth
Sister Agnes
Sister Albertine
Juan Archuleta
Monsignor O'Hara

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Musical Numbers

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  • Gott Is Gut
  • First Class Number One Bum
  • Himmlisher Vater
  • Follow the Lamb
  • Meet My Seester
  • Don't Talk About God
  • When I Was Young
  • On That Day of Days
  • You're a Rock
  • I Am What I Am
  • I'd Sure Like to Give It a Shot
  • I Admire You Very Much, Mr. Schmidt
  • Gott Is Gut
  • Look to the Lilies
  • Some Kind of Man
  • Casamagordo, New Mexico
  • Follow the Lamb
  • I, Yes Me, That's Who

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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