Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!

Original Broadway Production (1948)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • Gotta Dance .... Eddie and Company
  • I'm the First Girl .... Lily and the Corps de Ballet
  • I'm Not So Bright .... Larry; Danced by Ann and Eddie
  • I'm Tired of Texas .... Lily and Company
  • Tiny Room .... Larry
  • The Little Boy Blues .... Snow White and Wotan
  • Mademoiselle Marie .... Mademoiselle Marie, Her Beloved, Attendants, Messenger, Innkeeper, Servant, Jacques, Igor, Adolph, Archie, Serfs and the Corps de Ballet

Act Two

  • Jazz .... Wotan, Lily and Company
  • The New Look .... Dusty
  • If You'll Be Mine .... Lily, Bell Boy, Dancer (Priscilla Hathaway), Suzy, Larry, Dusty, Dancer (James Pollack)
  • Pajama Dance .... The Company
  • Shauny O'Shay .... Snow White and Wotan
  • Pas de Deux from "Swan Lake" .... Ann and Eddie
  • The Two of Us .... Lily, Eddie and Co-workers

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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