Let 'Em Eat Cake

Original Broadway Production (1933)

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Cast Highlights

Gen. Adam Snookfield, U.S.A.
Trixie Flynn
Francis X. Gilhooley
Louis Lippman
Mary Wintergreen
John P. Wintergreen
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Alexander Throttlebottom
John P. Tweedledee

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Wintergreen for President .... Ensemble
  • Tweedledee for President .... Ensemble
  • Union Square .... Ensemble
  • Down With Everyone That's Up .... Kruger and Agitators
  • Shirts by Millions .... Wives and Ensemble
  • Comes the Revolution .... Throttlebottom and Ensemble
  • Mine .... Wintergreen, Mary and Ensemble
  • Climb Up the Social Ladder .... Mary, Wives and Ensemble
  • Cloistered from the Noisy City .... President of the Union League Club and Club Members
  • On and On and On .... Wintergreen, Mary and Ensemble
  • Finale
    • Double Dummy Drill
    • Let 'Em Eat Cake .... Wintergreen and Company

Act Two

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  • Blue, Blue, Blue .... Wives and Ensemble
  • Who's the Greatest––––––? ..... Wintergreen and Ensemble
  • No Comprenez, No Capish .... League of Nations
  • When the Judges Doff the Ermine .... Chief Justice and Blue Shirts
  • The Trial of Throttlebottom
    • That's What He Did .... Throttlebottom, Kruger and Ensemble
    • I Know a Foul Ball .... Throttlebottom
    • Throttle Throttlebottom .... Kruger and Ensemble
  • A Hell of a Hole .... Wintergreen, Kruger and Soldiers
  • Hanging Throttlebottom in the Morning .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

Florenz Ames played General Snookfield in both this production and the subsequent national tour. He also played The French Ambassador in Of Thee I Sing (to which Let 'Em Eat Cake was a sequel) in the original Broadway cast, the Broadway return engagement and the 1952 Broadway revival.

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