Leader of the Pack

Original Broadway Production (1985)

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Cast Highlights

Darlene Love
Annie Golden
Young Ellie Greenwich (1960s)
Rosie, Ellie's Mother
Jeff Barry
Gus Sharkey
D. J. Voice

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  • Be My Baby .... Annie Golden and Girls
  • Wait 'Til My Bobby Gets Home .... Darlene Love and Company
  • A...My Name Is Ellie .... Young Ellie
  • Jivette Boogie Beat .... Young Ellie, Shelley and Mickey
  • Why Do Lovers Break Each Others' Hearts .... Darlene Love and Company
  • Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry .... Darlene Love and Company
  • I Want to Love Him So Bad .... Young Ellie and Girls
  • Do Wah Diddy .... Jeff and Guys
  • And Then He Kissed Me .... Young Ellie an Girls
  • Hanky Panky .... Jeff and Guys
  • Not Too Young .... Darlene Love and Girls
  • Chapel of Love .... Company
  • Baby I Love You .... Annie Golden and Girls
  • Leader of the Pack .... Annie Golden and Company
  • Look of Love .... Lounge Singer
  • Christmas--Baby Please Come Home .... Darlene Love and Girls
  • I Can Hear Music .... Annie Golden, Lounge Singer, Keith McDaniel and Lon Hoyt
  • Rock of Rages .... Young Ellie
  • Da Doo Ron Ron .... Ellie Greenwich and Guys
  • What a Guy .... Ellie Greenwich and Company
  • Maybe I Know .... Ellie Greenwich and Girls
  • River Deep Mountain High .... Darlene Love and Company
  • We're Gonna Make It .... Ellie Greenwich, Darlene Love, Annie Golden and Company

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