The Laugh Parade

Original Broadway Production (1931)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Punch and Judy Man (An Odd Place) .... E. Healy (Punch and Judy Man: E. Wynn. With Wynnsome Dancing Girls, Keep Kissable Girls)
  • In the Second Place .... Actresses, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Acrobats, Musicians, Dancing Girls, Show Girls, Company
  • The Starting Place .... Ed Wynn: Himself. A Modern Girl: S. Jane. A Chorus Boy: A. Baron. A Beautiful Wife: F. Mierse. A Housewife: Amelia DiGatano. An Iceman: H. Seaman
  • A Dandy Place .... Johnnie: A. Baron, An Actress: K. Bryan. Johnnie: J. Powell. Chorus Girls: S. Jane, L. Sabalis, M. Dunbar. Johnny: E. Wynn. Johnnie: B. Simmons. Chorus Girls: V. Dodd, D. Curzon. Jerry: J. Rogers. An Actress: F. Mierse. Alf : E. Cheney. Muss.: Adam DiGatano. Eins.: F. Seaman. Shaw: A. Baron. Cal.: W. Crowley. A Star: J. Aubert
  • A Corking Place .... Frieda: F. Mierse. Sara: S. Jane. Bart: B. Simmons. Jerry: J. Rogers. Maddy: M. Dunbar. Kate: K. Bryan. Noria: L. Sabalis. Diana: D. Curzon. Virge: V. Dodd. Joyce: J. Whitney. Madge: M. Smylie. Al: A. Baron. Wilbur: W. Hall. The Dancers: The DiGatanos. The Drunk: G. Prentice.
  • Got to Go to Town .... E. Cheney, Wynnsome Dancing Girls
  • A Familiar Place .... A Johnnie: H. Seaman. An Acrobat: E. Wynn. Another Acrobat: F. Seaman
  • A Nice Place .... Bench Sitter: E. Wynn. Jeanne: J. Aubert. Lawrence: L. Gray. Sara: S. Jane
  • Ooh! That Kiss .... J. Aubert, L. Gray (With Albertina Rasch Dancers, Wynnsome Dancing Girls, Keep Kissable Girls)
  • Scene 8 .... Himself E. Wynn. Street Cleaner: J. Powell. Policeman: A. Baron. Delivery Boy: W. Hall
  • A Commanding Place
  • Laugh Parade, The .... B. Simmons (The Captain: F. Mierse. With Wynnsome Dancing Girls, Keep Kissable Girls)

Act Two

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  • A Hot Place
  • Torch Song, The .... B. Simmons (With Wynnsome Dancing Girls, Keep Kissable Girls, Albertina Rasch Dancers)
  • A New Place .... Ed Wynn: Himself. Wilbur: W. Hall. Marline: K. Bryan. Bicycler: S. Jane
  • A Mysterious Place .... The Actor: E. Wynn
  • A Tapping Place
  • Excuse for a Song and Dance .... E. Healy, E. Cheney
  • A Musical Place .... A Boy: E. Wynn. Proprietor: A. Baron. Musician: W. Hall. Customer: B. Simmons. A Tourist: F. Mierse. Customers: S. Jane, E. Healy
  • A Meeting Place .... The Producer: E. Wynn. Lawrence: L. Gray. Jeanne: J. Aubert
  • You're My Everything .... J. Aubert, L. Gray
  • A Movie Place .... Picture Patron: E. Wynn
  • Love Me Forever (A Lovely Place) .... He Who Sings: B. Simmons. She Who Dances: E. Healy. With Albertina Rasch Dancers, Wynnsome Dancing Girls, Keep Kissable Girls
  • A Foolish Place .... The Cameleer: E. Wynn. The Policeman: A. Baron. Jeanne: J. Aubert
  • The Finishing Place .... Entire Company
  • Thank You All .... Good Night

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