Laffing Room Only

Original Broadway Production (1944)

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Cast Highlights

Real Estate Agent / "Pocatello, Idaho" Performer / "The Ghost Train" Performer / Bridegroom / "The Piano Movers" Performer / A Radio Announcer
General Duquesne / Mr. Tenant / "Pocatello, Idaho" Performer / "The Ghost Train" Performer / Bride / "The Piano Movers" Performer / The Sound Man
"Hooray for Anywhere" Dancer / British Soldier / On Broadway / Uncle
Guest / "The Ghost Train" Performer
"Go Down To Boston Harbor" Dancer / The Sailor / "Fussin', Feudin' and Fightin'" Dancer / McCoy Son / The Hollywood Producer
"Hooray for Anywhere" Dancer / In Harlem / "This Is As Far As I Go" Singer
"Hooray for Anywhere" Dancer
"An Apartment in 1980" Ensemble / "The Ghost Train" Performer / Neighbor / In the box / "In a Radio Station" Ensemble / "The Hellzapoppin Polka" Dancer
"Hooray for Anywhere" Singer / British Soldier / "The Ghost Train" Performer
Guest / "The Piano Movers" Performer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Hooray for Anywhere
  • Go Down to Boston Harbor
  • Moments Musicales
  • Stop That Dancin'
  • This Is as Far as I Go
  • Fussin', Feudin' & Fightin'
  • Gotta Get Joy

Act Two

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  • Got That Good Time Feelin'
  • Sunny California
  • The Hellzapoppin Polka
  • The Steps of the Capitol

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