Lady in the Dark

Original Broadway Production (1941)

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Cast Highlights

Dr. Brooks
Miss Bowers
Liza Elliott
Miss Foster
Miss Stevens
Maggie Grant
Alison Du Bois
Russell Paxton
Charley Johnson
Randy Curtis

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Oh Fabulous One in Your Ivory Tower .... Liza Elliott's Serenaders
  • The World's Inamorata .... Liza and her maid
  • One Life to Live .... Liza and her chauffeur
  • Girl of the Moment .... Ensemble
  • It Looks Like Liza .... Entire Company
  • Mapleton High Choral .... The High School Graduates
  • This Is New .... Randy Curtis and Liza
  • The Princess of Pure Delight .... Liza and Children
  • This Woman at the Altar .... Entire Company

Act Two

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • The Greatest Show on Earth .... Ringmaster and Ensemble
  • Dance of the Tumblers .... Albertina Rasch Dancers
  • The Best Years of His Life .... Charley Johnson and Randy Curtis
  • Tchaikowsky .... Ringmaster and Ensemble
  • The Saga of Jenny .... Liza, Jury and Ensemble
  • My Ship .... Liza

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Trivia & History

The production was originally supposed to open on January 16, 1941, but Lawrence became ill with the grippe, and the opening was postponed for a week. A preview had been scheduled for January 15, but it was canceled due to Lawrence's illness.

Lawrence was well enough to return to the show on Monday, January 20, but the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening performances of that week were heavily pre-sold to parties, with no room for the critics. Those performances were counted as previews, with opening night being Thursday's performance. No Wednesday matinee seems to have been given that week.

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