Knickerbocker Holiday

Original Broadway Production (1938)

Trivia & History

A hurricane on Sept. 21, 1938, caused massive flooding in Hartford, Connecticut, where the pre-Broadway tryout was scheduled to start that week. As a result, the first public performance was delayed for several days. We don't know the date on which the opening was originally scheduled, but it ended up occurring on Sept. 24, 1938. Because the production was scheduled to open the following Tuesday in Boston, it played only one performance in Hartford, with the cast managing to get there by a bus from New Haven, after having gotten to New Haven from Boston by train. As far as we can tell, the production team, cast and crew went to Boston to prepare for the opening there, probably expecting there would be no performances in Hartford. Indeed, it seems as if the orchestra may not have made it to Hartford and that the performance may have been accompanied very simply, perhaps just on piano.

The production extended its pre-Broadway tryout by a week to do more work on the show, booking a week's engagement at the National Theatre in Washtington, D.C. that hadn't originally been scheduled.

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