Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor© Dreamcoat

Original London Production (1973)

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  • Jacob's Story
  • Jacob and Sons
  • Joseph's Coat
  • Joseph's Dreams
  • Poor, Poor Joseph
  • One More Angel in Heaven
  • Potiphar
  • Close Every Door
  • Go, Go, Go Joseph
  • Pharaoh's Story
  • Poor, Poor Pharaoh
  • Song of the King
  • Pharaoh's Dream Explained
  • Stone the Crows
  • Those Canaan Days
  • The Brothers Come to Egypt
  • Grovel, Grovel
  • Who's the Thief?
  • Benjamin Calypso
  • Joseph All the Time
  • Jacob in Egypt
  • Any Dream Will Do

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Ran 60 min.

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