Original Broadway Production (1969)

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Cast Highlights

Jimmy Walker
Allie Walker
Betty Compton
Francis Xavier Aloysius O'Toole
Texas Guinan
Jim Hines
Warrington Brock
Al Smith
Lawrence Horatio Fink
Charley Hand

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Will You Think of Me Tomorrow? .... Jimmy
  • The Little Woman .... Al Smith, Jim Hines, Jimmy, then Allie and Jimmy
  • The Darlin' of New York .... Jim Hines, Al Smith, CHarley Hand, Allie, Jimmy, Five Lovely Ladies and Campaign Workers
  • Oh, Gee! .... Betty
  • The Walker Walk (Reprise) .... Texas Guinan, Betty, Guinan Girls, Jimmy and Patrons
  • That Old Familiar Ring .... Betty and Jemmy
  • The Walker Walk .... Jim Hines, Politicians and Party Workers
  • I Only Wanna Laugh .... Allie
  • Riverside Drive
  • What's Out There for Me? .... Jimmy

Act Two

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  • The Squabble Song .... Jimmy and Betty
  • One in a Million .... Jimmy and Betty
  • It's a Nice Place to Visit .... Viscelli, Fink, O'Toole, Wojciezkowski, Brock, Girl in Fur Coat and Company
  • The Charmin' Son-of-a-Bitch .... Allie
  • Jimmy .... Hines, Jimmy, Allie, Charley Hand, Al Smith, Texas Guinan, Five Lovely Ladies, Policeman and Spectators
  • Life Is a One Way Street .... Jimmy and Betty
  • Our Jimmy

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