Inside U. S. A.

Original Broadway Production (1948)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Inside U. S. A. .... Entire Company
  • Leave My Pulse Alone (sketch)
  • Come, O Come (to Pittsburgh) .... Pittsburgh Choral Society
  • Forty Winks (sketch)
  • Blue Grass .... Sung by Thelma Carpenter; Danced by Her Boyfriend, His Friend and Company
  • A Song to Forget (sketch)
  • Rhode Island Is Famous for You .... Jack Haley and Estelle Loring
  • Haunted Heart .... Sung by John Tyers; Danced by Valerie Bettis with J. C. McCord, George Reich and Rod Alexander
  • Massachusetts Mermaid .... Beatrice Lillie
  • A Feller from Indiana (sketch)
  • First Prize at the Fair .... Beatrice Lillie, Jack Haley, William LeMassena, Jane Lawrence, Ray Stephens, Estelle Loring, Jim Hawthorne, Eric Victor and Entire Company

Act Two

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  • At the Mardi Gras .... Beatrice Lillie and Ensemble
  • School for Waiters (sketch)
  • My Gal Is Mine Once More .... John Tyers
  • Better Luck Next Time (sketch)
  • Tiger Lily .... Valerie Bettis and Company
  • We Won't Take It Back .... Beatrice Lillie and Jack Haley
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Some online sources incorrectly give the date of the move to the Majestic as September 23, 1948, while others give the date as September, but performances at the Majestic started on Auguest 23, 1948, two days after the last performance at the Century.

Also, some online sources give the performance as 399, an error that seems to have started thanks to a typo in Variety. The correct total is 339.

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