I'm Solomon

Original Broadway Production (1968)

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Cast Highlights

Yoni, a Cobbler
Na'Ama, his Wife
Ben Hesed, Commander of the Royal Guard
Princess Nofrit, Solomon's Favorite Wife
F'htar, her Slave
Bathsheba, Solomon's mother
Ranor, Ambassador of the Queen of Sheba
Makedah, a Member of the Queen of Sheba's Party
Meir, the Drummer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • David and Bathsheba .... Yoni and People of Jerusalem
  • Hail the Son of David .... Solomon, Courtiers and Wives
  • Preposterous .... Solomon
  • Have You Heard? .... People of Jersusalem
  • Citation, The .... Ben Hesed
  • In Love with a Fool .... Na'Ama
  • Someone Like Me .... Solomon
  • In Someone Else's Sandals .... Yoni, Bathsheba, Slaves and Concubines
  • Three Riddles, The .... Ranor, Ben-Hesed, Solomon and People of Jerusalem

Act Two

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  • Once in 2.7 Years .... Solomon's Wives
  • Have You Ever Been Alone with a King Before? .... Yoni and Na'Ama
  • Lord I Am But a Little Child .... Solomon
  • I Am What I Am .... Solomon
  • Something in His Eyes .... Na'Ama
  • That Guilty Feeling .... Yoni
  • Time to Let Go .... Bathsheba
  • With Your Hand in My Hand .... Yoni, Na'Ama, Bathsheba and People of Jerusalem
  • Lord I Am But a Little Child (Reprise) .... Enitre Company

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