I Remember Mama

Original Broadway Production (1979)

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Aunt Trina
Aunt Jenny
Aunt Sigrid
Mr. Thorkelson
Uncle Chris
Dame Sybil Fitzgibbons

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I Remember Mama .... Katrine
  • A Little Bit More .... Mama, Papa and Children
  • A Writer Writes at Night .... Katrine and Mama
  • Ev'ry Day (Comes Something Beautiful) .... Mama and The Company
  • The Hardangerfjord .... The Company
  • You Could Not Please Me More .... Papa and Mama
  • Uncle Chris .... The Aunts
  • Easy Come, Easy Go .... Uncle Chris and Friends
  • It Is Not the End of the World .... The Family

Act Two

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  • Mama Always Makes It Better .... The Children
  • Lars, Lars .... Mama
  • Fair Trade .... Dame Sybil Fitzgibbons, Mama and Friends
  • It's Going to Be Good to Be Gone .... Uncle Chris
  • Time .... Mama

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

During the run in Philadelphia, considerable work was done on the show to try and fix it.  Initially the role of Katrine was split into two: Older Katrine (Kate Dezina) who was looking back and narrating, while a Younger Katrine (Kristen Vigard) was actually in the scenes.  Ultimately, this was discarded and the two roles were merged.  Dezina was ultimately let go, while Vigard was given a new role (possibly due to the drama surrounding her in Annie a few years prior).

Also during the run in Philadelphia, the character Florence Dana Moorehead was renamed Dame Sybil Fitzgibbons. Justine Johnston had been playing Moorehead. She was replaced by Myvanwy Jenn as the renamed character.

John Nevitt, cast as the family’s son, Nils, was replaced by Ian Ziering during Broadway previews.

At the opening in Philadelphia, Truman Gaige played the boarder Mr. Hyde. By the time previews started on Broadway, Francis Bethencourt was playing the role, which was eliminated altogether by opening night.

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