I Had a Ball

Original Broadway Production (1964)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Stan the Shpieler
Gimlet (The Alley Gang)
Joe The Muzzler (The Alley Gang)
Ma Maloney (The Alley Gang)
George Osaka (The Alley Gang)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Coney Island, U.S.A. .... Joe, Ma, Osaka, Gimlet, Coney Characters, Tourists, Children
  • The Other Half of Me .... Stan
  • Red-Blooded American Boy .... Books and the Alley Gang
  • I Got Everything I Want .... Jeannie
  • Dr. Freud .... Garside
  • Think Beautiful .... Ma, Jeannie, Joe, Osaka, Gimlet, Ensemble
  • Addie's At It Again .... Addie, Joe, Osaka, Gimlet
  • Faith .... Stan, the Alley Gang, Children, Ensemble
  • Can It Be Possible? .... Stan, Jeannie, Brooks, Addie, Garside

Act Two

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  • The Neighborhood Song .... Ma, Alley Gang and Coney Characters
  • The Affluent Society .... Stan and Brooks
  • Boys, Boys, Boys .... Addie and Lifeguards
  • Fickle Finger of Fate .... Stan
  • I Had a Ball .... Jeannie, Alley Gang, Morocco and Coney Characters
  • Almost .... Jeannie
  • You Deserve Me .... Garside, Brooks and Addie
  • You Deserve Me (Reprise) .... Garside
  • Tunnel of Love Chase .... Garside, Stan, Jeannie, Millhauser and Ensemble

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Trivia & History

In his memoir, They All Sang My Songs, Jack Lawrence (credited jointly with Stan Freeman for the music and the lyrics) wrote that the show was doing well at the box office but they closed it when star Buddy Hackett demanded two weeks off and refused to allow the producers to hire a replacement to take over for those two weeks. He had already demanded a week off, during which the show closed.

Whatever truth there may have been in some of this, the show was not doing well at the box office when it closed. Box office had been going downhill for since mid-April, and the grosses were not good for the several weeks preceding the decision to chose.

When Hackett was a guest on The Merv Griffin Show on June 10, 1965 (two days before the closing), he claimed that the show as doing well when it closed . According to Variety, he claimed "we're grossing this week over $60,000." When aked by Griffin why the show was closing, Hackett replied, "I have no idea, That's one of the mysteries of all time, to close a hit show."

That week, the show grossed $47,179. Perhaps because the closing had been been announced, this was an improvement over the previous week, when the show grossed just $39,547. 

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