I Can Get It for You Wholesale

Original Broadway Production (1962)

Trivia & History

After the opening, Barbra Streisand changed some things in her original playbill bio. Her first bio stated that she "was born in Madagascar and reared in Rangoon." Her revised bio stated that she "was born and reared in Brooklyn."

According to Howard Kissel's biography of David Merrick, The Abominable Showman, Laurence Harvey very much wanted to play Harry Bogen. At the time, Harvey was in demand as a movie star. Harvey would agree to sign for nine months, which was deemed unacceptable by Merrick.

By some time in May 1962, Larry Kert had joined the company as the standby for the role of Harry Bogen, although he received no playbill credit. During May 1962, he started playing Monday night performances on a regular basis. He may have left the production for a bit but he later came back to it.

In his book Mainly on Directing, Arthur Laurents wrote that some months into the run, producer David Merrick brought in Kert to replace Elliot Gould, but this did not happen. When the show closed on Broadway on Decemer 8, 1962, Kert was starring in the national tour of the show, which had opened on November 1. Gould was still in the show at least as late as the week of November 19, 1962, as we have found a playbillf from that week in which he is still listed.

In her biography of Barbra Streisand, Anne Edwards wrote in a footnote (on page 109) that for the last 10 weeks of the Broadway run, Louise Lasser replaced Streisand, and that Kert replaced Gould around that time. Again, this is incorrect on both counts. Streisand is also listed in the playbill from November 19, 1962.

In her bio for Henry, Sweet Henry, Lasser wrote something that cast doubt on the notion that she ever went on in Streisand's role of Miss Marmelstein: "Although chosen by David Merrick to replace the vacationing Barbra Streisand for one week as 'Miss Marmelstein' in I Can Get It for You Wholesale, [Louise Lasser] is actually making her Broadway début." But in later interviews, she has said that she did go on during Streisand's vacation.

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