I Can Get It for You Wholesale

Original Broadway Production (1962)

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Musical Staging

Cast Highlights

Miss Marmelstein
Maurice Pulvermacher
Meyer Bushkin
Harry Bogen
Ruthie Rivkin
Mrs. Bogen
Martha Mills
Blanche Bushkin
Teddy Asch
Tootsie Maltz

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I'm Not a Well Man .... Miss Marmelstein and Mr. Pulvermacher
  • The Way Things Are .... Harry
  • When Gemini Meets Capricorn .... Ruthie and Harry
  • Momma, Momma .... Harry and Mrs. Bogen
  • The Sound of Money .... Harry, Martha, Mitzi, Mario and Eddie
  • The Family Way .... Mrs. Bogen, Harry, Ruthie, Teddy, Blanche and Meyer
  • Too Soon .... Mrs. Bogen
  • Who Knows? .... Ruthie
  • Have I Told You Lately? .... Blanche and Meyer
  • Ballad of the Garment Trade .... Miss Marmelstein, Ruthie, Blanche, Harry, Teddy, Meyer and Company

Act Two

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  • A Gift Today .... Sheldon, Harry, Mrs. Bogen, Blanche, Meyer and Ruthie
  • Miss Marmelstein .... Miss Marmelstein
  • The Sound of Money (Reprise) .... Harry
  • A Funny Thing Happened .... Ruthie and Harry
  • What's in It for Me? .... Teddy and Martha
  • What Are They Doing to Us Now? .... Miss Marmelstein, Buggo, Tootsie, Manette, Gail, Springer and Creditors
  • Eat a Little Something .... Mrs. Bogen and Harry

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Trivia & History

After the opening, Barbra Streisand changed some things in her original playbill bio. Her first bio stated that she "was born in Madagascar and reared in Rangoon." Her revised bio stated that she "was born and reared in Brooklyn."

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