Hot Spot

Original Broadway Production (1963)

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Director (uncredited)
Choreographer (uncredited)

Cast Highlights

Sally Hopwinder
Sue Ann
Nadir of D'hum
Gabriel Snapper
Sumner Tubb, Sr.
Allison Kent

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Don't Laugh .... Sally
  • Don't Laugh (Reprise) .... Sally and Peace Corps
  • Welcome .... D'humians
  • Welcome Dance .... Iram, Vernon, Rami
  • This Little Yankee .... Gabriel Snapper
  • Smiles .... Sally, Deva and Men's Ensemble
  • A Little Trouble .... Sally Hopwinder, Shim, Nadir of D'hum and D'humians
  • You'd Like Nebraska .... Vernon and Iram
  • Hey, Love .... Sally
  • I Had Two Dregs .... Sally, Shim,Tubb Sr., D'humians
  • Rich, Rich, Rich .... The Nadir, Sue Ann, Peace Corps, D'humians

Act Two

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  • That's Good—That's Bad .... Sally 
  • Iram and the Royal D'humian Dancers .... Iram
  • I Think the World of You .... Sue Ann and Shim
  • Gabie .... Sally 
  • A Matter of Time .... Gabriel and Sally 
  • Gabie (Reprise) .... Gabriel 
  • Big Meeting Tonight ....Pulski, Grobanykov and Ensemble
  • Russian Dance .... Sally, Grobanykov, Pulski
  • A Far, Far Better Way .... Sally 
  • Don't Laugh (Reprise) .... Sally, Gabriel, Ensemble

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Trivia & History

When the production finally opened on Broadway, no one was credited as either director or choreographer. At least during early Broadway previews, original director Morton Da Costa and original choreographer Onna White were both still listed in playbills. Da Costa's billing read "Entire Production Stage by Morton Da Costa." White's billing read "Dance and Musical Numbers Choreographed by Onna White."

At some point, Richard Quine, who had directed star Judy Holliday in several movies, came in to take over as director but, according to Ken Mandelbaum's book Not Since Carrie, he "quickly fled." Finally, Herbert Ross took over, uncredited, as director and choreographer.

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