Here's Where I Belong

Original Broadway Production (1968)

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Choreographer (ballet)

Cast Highlights

Adam Trask
Caleb Trask
Aron Trask
Will Hamilton
Mrs. Bacon
Mrs. Tripp
Mrs. Heink
Abra Bacon

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • We Are What We Are .... Adam, Cal, Lee, Aron
  • Cal Gets By .... Cal
  • Raising Cain .... Cal and Ensemble
  • Soft Is the Sparrow .... Aron
  • Where Have I Been .... Adam, Lee and Townspeople
  • No Time .... Cal and Aron
  • Progress .... Male Ensemble
  • Good Boy .... Cal
  • Ballet .... Cal, Juana, Abra and Ensemble
  • Act Like a Lady .... Abra
  • The Send-Off .... Townspeople
  • Top of the Train .... Adam and Cal
  • Waking Up Sun .... Abra and Cal

Act Two

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  • Pulverize the Kaiser .... Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Tripp, Mrs. Heink and Townspeople
  • Where Have I Been (Reprise) .... Adam
  • Good Boy (Reprise) .... Cal
  • You're Momma's .... Kate
  • Here's Where I Belong .... Cal and Abra
  • We're a Home .... Adam, Lee, Aron, Abra and Cal

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Some online sources incorrectly state that the production played 20 previews on Broadway, starting on February 7, 1968. This wrong information may have come from Theatre World, which incorrectly listed 20 previews. Contemporary sources, including the New York Times and Variety, reveal that previews started on Thursday, February 8, and there were 27. The first week there were four previews as the production played a Monday through Saturday schedule. The second and third weeks there were the standard eight. During the final week of previews, there was no preview on Monday, February 26, as the production was opening n the following Sunday. By not playing on Monday, the production played a standard eight performances that week.

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