Her First Roman

Original Broadway Production (1968)

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Roman Sentry
Roman Centurion
Palace Official

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Act One

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  • What Are We Doing in Egypt? .... Roman Soldiers
  • Hail to the Sphinx .... Caesar
  • Save Me from Caesar .... Cleopatra and Caesar
  • Many Young Men from Now .... Cleopatra
  • Ptolemy .... Cleopatra and Egyptian Women
  • Old Gentlemen .... Caesar
  • Her First Roman .... Rufio, Brittanus and Roman Soldiers
  • Magic Carpet .... Cleopatra, Iris, Charmian and Egyptians
  • Rome .... Caesar
  • Things We Think We Are, The .... Caesar, Cleopatra, Britannus and Apollodorus

Act Two

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  • I Cannot Make Him Jealous .... Cleopatra
  • Dangerous Age, The .... Rufio and Britannus
  • In Vino Veritas .... Caesar, Rufio, Britannus and Apollodorus
  • Caesar Is Wrong .... Caesar
  • Just for Today .... Cleopatra

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Trivia & History

Broadway previews started with a performance on Wednesday evening, October 2, 1968. The matinee on the following Wednesday was canceled when star Richard Kiley was unable to perform due to illness. Co-star Leslie Uggams also missed a preview performance due to illness — the Saturday matinee on October 19 — but her understudy went on.

Some online sources list a total of 21 Broadway previews, but the correct total is 20. During the first week, there were 5; during the second week, there were 7 (due to the canceled performance); and there were 8 during the final week.

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