The Happy Time

Original Broadway Production (1968)

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Cast Highlights

Jacques Bonnard
Bibi Bonnard
Grandpére Bonnard
Laurie Mannon
Suzanne Bonnard
Philippe Bonnard
Louis Bonnard
Annabelle Bonnard
Nanette Bonnard
Gillie Bonnard

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Happy Time .... Jacques and Family
  • He's Back .... The Family
  • Catch My Garter .... The Six Angels
  • Tomorrow Morning .... Jacques, Grandpère, Bibi and the Six Angels
  • Please Stay .... Bibi and Jacques
  • I Don't Remember You .... Jacques
  • St. Pierre .... The Glee Club
  • I Don't Remember You (Reprise) .... Laurie and Jacques
  • Without Me .... Bibi and Schoolmates
  • The Happy Time (Reprise) .... Jacques

Act Two

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  • Among My Yesterdays .... Jacques
  • The Life of the Party .... Grandpère, The Six Angels and Schoolboys
  • Seeing Things .... Jacques and Laurie
  • Ballet .... Bibi, Gillie, Annabelle, Nanette and Schoolboys
  • A Certain Girl .... Grandpère, Jacques and Bibi
  • The Happy Time (Reprise) .... Jacques and Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Some sources state that the production lost $1,000,000, and that it was the first Broadway musical to lose that much money. When it closed, however, Variety stated that it had lost $375,000 on an investment of $500,000. The Variety figure seems more likely to be in the ballpark.

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