Original Broadway Production (1960)

Trivia & History

The production had scheduled Thursday, March 3, 1960, as opening night, but about two weeks before that scheduled opening, during the pre-Broadway run in Philadelphia, it was announced that the Broadway opening would be postponed for five days (to Tuesday, March 8), and the first few performances that were supposed to have been post-opening performances would instead be previews. No performance was given on March 3.

It is likely that previews were always planned for March 1 and 2, which is when they started. 

According to A Most Remarkable Fella, Susan Loesser's book about her father, Jack Cole was signed to choreograph the production, but not long before rehearsals were to start, he announced that he had taken a job in Hollywood and would only be available on weekends. Susan reports that her father was tempted to sue Cole, but instead his contract was canceled in formal arbitration, and Joe Layton replaced Cole.

She also reports that Charles Strouse was to create the dance-music arrangements, but he had let them know that he might have to leave if the money was raised for a show he had written — Bye Bye Birdie — to go into production. The money was raised, and he was replaced by Billy Goldenberg before rehearsals started. Loesser (according to his daughter) preferred not to give credit to his dance-music arrangers, and Goldenberg was not credited anywhere in the playbill.

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