Original Broadway Production (1960)

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Cast Highlights

Reverend Lapp
Gramma Briggs
Gideon Briggs
Dorrie Whitbred
Amos Briggs
Martha Briggs
Thomas Clegg
Reverend Birdsong

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • A Day Borrowed from Heaven .... The Villagers
  • A Day Borrowed from Heaven .... Gideon
  • Dorrie's Wish .... Dorrie
  • The Music of Home .... Amos, Gideon and the Villagers
  • Gideon Briggs, I Love You .... Gideon and Dorrie
  • The Autumn Courting .... All the Villagers
  • The Call to Wander .... Amos
  • Summertime Love .... Gideon and the Villagers
  • Walking Away Whistling .... Dorrie
  • The Sermon .... Reverend Lapp and Reverend Birdsong
  • Could've Been a Ring .... Clegg and Gramma
  • Gideon Briggs, I Love You .... Dorrie
  • Halloweve .... The Young Villagers
  • Never Will I Marry .... Gideon
  • Greenwillow Christmas (Carol) .... Martha and the Villagers

Act Two

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  • The Music of Home .... The Villagers
  • Faraway Boy .... Dorrie
  • Clang Dang the Bell .... Gideon, Gramma, Martha, Micah, Sheby and Jabez
  • What a Blessing .... Reverend Birdsong
  • He Died Good .... The Villagers
  • The Autumn Courting .... Andrew, Dorrie and the Young Villagers
  • Summertime Love .... Gideon
  • What a Blessing .... Reverend Birdsong
  • The Call .... Gideon
  • The Music of Home .... All of Greenwillow

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

The production had scheduled Thursday, March 3, 1960, as opening night, but about two weeks before that scheduled opening, during the pre-Broadway run in Philadelphia, it was announced that the Broadway opening would be postponed for five days (to Tuesday, March 8), and the first few performances that were supposed to have been post-opening performances would instead be previews. No performance was given on March 3.

It is likely that previews were always planned for March 1 and 2, which is when they started. 

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