The Goodbye Girl

Original Broadway Production (1993)

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Mrs. Crosby
Mark/Ricky Simpson

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • This Is as Good as It Gets .... Paula and Lucy
  • No More .... Paula
  • A Beat Behind .... Paula, Billy and Ensemble
  • This Is as Good as It Gets (Reprise) .... Lucy, Melanie and Cynthia
  • My Rules .... Paula
  • Elliot Garfield Grant .... Elliot
  • Good News, Bad News .... Elliot, Paula and Lucy
  • Good News, Bad News (Reprise) .... Mrs. Crosby
  • Footsteps .... Paula and Lucy
  • How Can I Win? .... Paula
  • Richard Interred .... Elliot, Paula, Lucy, Mark, Mrs. Crosby, Donna and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • How Can I Win? (Reprise) .... Paula
  • Good News, Bad News (Reprise) .... Elliot
  • Too Good to Be Bad .... Paula, Donna and Jenna
  • 2 Good 2 B Bad (Mrs. Crosby)
  • Who Would've Thought? .... Paula, Elliot, Lucy, Melanie and Cynthia
  • Paula (An Improvised Love Song) .... Elliot and Paula
  • Who Would've Thought? (Reprise) .... Lucy, Melanie and Cynthia
  • I Can Play This Part .... Elliot
  • Jump for Joy .... Paula and Ensemble
  • What a Guy .... Paula
  • Finale .... Paula, Elliot and Lucy

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Trivia & History

The show had a highly tumultuous tryout, as outlined in this New York Times Article from January 15, 1993.  Among the problems were revising the show to make Peters more likeable, and the subsequent firing of Gene Saks.

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