Frank Merriwell or Honor Challenged

Original Broadway Production (1971)

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Director and Choreographer

Cast Highlights

Belinda Belle Snodd
Professor Burrage
Mrs. Snodd
Bart Hodge
Frank Merriwell
Inza Burrage

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • There's No School Like Our School .... Students and Local Girls
  • Howdy, Mr. Sunshine .... Frank and Tad 
  • Prim and Proper .... Students and Local Girls
  • Inza .... Frank
  • Look for the Happiness Ahead .... Frank and All
  • I'd Be Crazy to Be Crazy Over You .... Belinda Belle and Bart 
  • Now It's Fall .... Students
  • The Fallin'-Out-of-Love Rag .... Belinda, Students, Local Girls and Frank

Act Two

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  • Frank, Frank, Frank .... All
  • In Real Life .... Frank
  • The Broadway of My Heart  .... Professor and Mrs. Snodd
  • Winter's Here .... Students
  • The Pure in Heart .... Frank and All
  • I Must Be Crazy (Reprise) .... Belinda
  • Don't Turn His Picture to the Wall .... Tad, Students, Local Girls
  • Manuel Your Friend .... Manuel
  • The Pure in Heart (Reprise) .... Frank and All
  • Look for the Happiness Ahead (Reprise) .... Finale

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Trivia & History

When the production started previews on April 12, 1971, it was scheduled to open one week later, on April 19. During previews, the opening was postponed till April 24, a Saturday.

Some sources incorrectly list only 7 previews, and give the date of the first preview as having been April 19, 1971. The production played 14 previews: 8 previews the first week, and 6 previews the second week, with no preview on the afternoon of opening day.

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