Du Barry Was a Lady

Original Broadway Production (1939)

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Harry Norton
Alice Barton
Louis Blore
Vi Hennessey
May Daly
Alex Barton
Ann Barton

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Opening (Where's Louie?) .... Ensemble
  • Ev'ry Day a Holiday .... Harry, Alice and Ensemble
  • It Ain't Etiquette .... Louis and Vi
  • When Love Beckoned .... May
  • Come On In .... May and Ensemble
  • Dance .... Alice and Harry
  • Dream Song .... Four Internationals
  • Mesdames and Messieurs .... Dames de La Cour
  • Gavotte .... Alisande et Ensemble
  • But in the Morning, No! .... Du Barry et Louis XV
  • Do I Love You .... Alexandre et Du Barry
  • Do I Love You (Reprise) .... Du Barry et Zamore
  • Danse Victoire .... Henri
  • Danse Erotique .... Cosette et Courtiers
  • Du Barry Was a Lady .... Tout La Compagnie

Act Two

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  • Danse Tzigane .... Alisande, Pierre, Rene et Ballet
  • Give Him the Oo-la-la .... Du Barry
  • Well Did You Evah? .... Alisande et Captain
  • Danse .... Cosette, Rene et Pierre
  • It Was Written in the Stars .... Alexandre et Quatour
  • L'Apres Midi D'un Boeuf .... Dauphin et Zamore
  • Katie Went to Haiti .... May and Ensemble
  • Katie Went to Haiti (Reprise) .... Alex and May
  • Friendship .... May and Louis
  • Finale .... The Company

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Trivia & History

Phil Regan — playing the dual roles of Alex Barton and Alexandre, a patriot — was replaced during the pre-Broadway tryout by Ronald Graham. A settlement was reached in which Regan was paid $6,000 as compensation for the cancelation of his contract.

For some reason, possibly just carelessness, Graham was listed only as Alex Barton in the Broadway playbills, even though he took over both roles, which were specifically meant to be played by the same actor. It may be that this mistake (if mistake it was) was corrected at some point during the run.

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