Doctor Jazz

Original Broadway Production (1975)

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Cast Highlights

Steve Anderson
Edna Mae Sheridan
Georgia Sheridan
Jonathan Jackson, Jr.
Harriet Lee
Lead Dancer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Doctor Jazz .... Steve Anderson, Musicians and Spasm Band
  • We've Got Connections .... Steve Anderson, Georgia Sheridan and Harriet Lee
  • Georgia Shows 'Em How .... Georgia Sheridan and Georgia's Girls
  • Cleopatra Had a Jazz Band .... Steve Anderson and Ballyhoo Band
  • Juba Dance .... Edna Mae Sheridan and Spasm Band
  • Charleston Rag .... Jonathan's Band and Harriet's Girls
  • I've Got Elgin Watch Movements in My Hips .... Edna Mae Sheridan
  • Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me .... Ballyhoo Band
  • Good-Time Flat Blues .... Georgia Sheridan
  • Evolution Papa .... Edna Mae Sheridan, Lead Dancer and Troupe
  • Rehearsal Tap .... Group
  • Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me (Reprise) .... Steve Anderson
  • I Love It .... Edna Mae Sheridan
  • Anywhere the Wind Blows .... Steve Anderson

Act Two

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  • Those 'Sheik-of-Araby' Blues .... Singers and Dancers
  • Look Out for Lil .... Edna Mae Sheridan and Dancers
  • Swanee Strut .... Steve Anderson
  • All I Want Is My Black Baby Back .... Edna Mae Sheridan
  • Everybody Leaves You .... Steve Anderson
  • Free and Easy .... Edna Mae Sheridan and Company
  • I Love It (Reprise) .... Steve Anderson and Edna Mae Sheridan

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Trivia & History

The role that Gail Benedict is listed as covering doesn't exist in the February playbill the information has been taken from.  It is unknown if this role was already cut.

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