Darling of the Day

Original Broadway Production (1968)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • Mad for Art .... Art Lovers
  • He's a Genius .... Oxford, Priam Farll and Henry Leek
  • To Get Out of This World Alive .... Priam 
  • It's Enough to Make a Lady Fall in Love .... Alice, Alf, Bert and Putney Friends
  • A Gentleman's Gentleman .... Alice Challice, Alf, Bert, Priam, Duncan and Bystanders
  • Double Soliloquy .... Priam and Alice
  • Let's See What Happens .... Alice and Priam
  • Panache .... Oxford and Lady Vale
  • I've Got a Rainbow Working for Me .... Priam and Putney Friends
  • Money, Money, Money .... Alf, Bert and Sydney
  • That Something Extra Special .... Alice
  • Money, Money, Money (Reprise) .... Alf, Bert and Sydney

Act Two

  • What Makes a Marriage Merry .... Alice, Priam, Alf, Bert, Daphne and Rosalind
  • He's a Genius (Reprise) .... Oxford and Assistants
  • Not on Your Nellie .... Alice, Alf, Bert and Putney Friends
  • Sunset Tree .... Priam and Alice
  • Butler in the Abbey .... Priam and Courtroom
  • Not on Your Nellie (Reprise) .... Entire Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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