Dance on a Country Grave

Original Off-Broadway Production (1977)

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Cast Highlights

Eustacia Vye
Clym Yeobright
Damon Wildeve
Diggory Venn
Thomasina Yeobright
Mrs. Yeobright
Christian Cantle
Susan Nunsuch
Tess Fancy
Olly Dowden

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  • Prelude
  • Dance on a Country Grave
  • The Lonely Sparrows of Wessex
  • Sunday Morning Social Call
  • Cities of Light
  • Can Ye Fancy That?
  • Unexpected Love
  • Self-Sacrificing Woman
  • The Dark Side of My Love
  • Old Mister Fate
  • Tout le Monde
  • The East Egdon Band
  • Green Gravel
  • The Gamblin' Hand
  • Who Would Have Thought?
  • Country Spell

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