Original Broadway Production (1970)

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Act One

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  • Company .... Robert and Company
  • The Little Things You Do Together .... Joanne and Company
  • Sorry-Grateful .... Harry, David, Larry
  • You Could Drive a Person Crazy .... Kathy, April, Marta
  • Have I Got a Girl for You .... Larry, Peter, Paul, David, Harry
  • Someone is Waiting .... Robert
  • Another Hundred People .... Marta
  • Getting Married Today .... Amy, Paul, Jenny and Company

Act Two

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  • Side by Side by Side .... Robert and Company
  • What Would We Do Without You .... Robert and Company
  • Poor Baby .... Sarah, Jenny, Susan, Amy, Joanne
  • Tick Tock .... Kathy
  • Barcelona .... Robert, April
  • The Ladies Who Lunch .... Joanne
  • Being Alive .... Robert

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Trivia & History

Some online sources incorrectly state that the production played seven previews. Ads in the New York Times and the paper's daily ABCs listings, however, leave no doubt that the production played twelve previews, starting on Wednesday evening, April 15, 1970. Because of the Sunday night opening, there was no performance on Thursday of the second week, so the production played five previews during the first week, and it played seven previews during the second week.

As with Harold Prince's production of Zorbá from the previous Broadway season, the opening night performance was not advertised as being the opening night. Instead, ads and the ABCs stated that previews would play through April 26. That is the date that is always given as opening date, and reviews did appear later that night on television and the next day in newspapers.

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