Original London Production (1958)

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Cast Highlights

Portia, <I>the Baron's stepdaughter</I>
Joy, <I>the Baron's stepdaughter</I>
Fairy Godmother
Cinderella, <I>the Baron's daughter</I>
Dandini, <I>Aide-de-Camp to the Prince</I>
The Prince
The King
The Baron
The Queen
Principal Male Dancer

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • In My Own Little Corner .... Cinderella
  • A Very Special Day .... Buttons
  • Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful .... Prince Christopher, Cinderella
  • The Prince is Giving a Ball .... Lord Chancellor & Chorus
  • Marriage Type Love .... Buttons
  • Stepsisters' Lament .... Portia, Joy
  • Your Majesties, a List of Bare Necessities .... The King, the Queen & Chorus
  • When You're Driving Through the Moonlight
  • A Lovely Night .... Cinderella, Buttons
  • A Lovely Night (Reprise) .... Cinderella
  • Impossible .... Cinderella, Fairy Godmother
  • No Other Love .... The Prince & Chorus
  • Ten Minutes Ago .... Cinderella, Prince
  • You and Me .... Buttons, The King
  • Finale .... The Company

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Trivia & History

Our song list comes from the cast recording as we have no other source at present. The order of some numbers seems a bit unlikely but possible given that this seems to have been quite a free adaptation, in the panto tradition.

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