Original Broadway Production (1928)

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A Eunuch/Holy Emperor
Another Eunuch
Prince Tao-Tee
Miss Smile of a Rose at the Dawning of Spring
San Toy
A Very Narrow-Minded Owl/Radiance and Felicity

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  • I Must Love You .... Chee-Chee & Li-Pi-Tchou
  • Dear, Oh Dear .... Chee-Chee & Li-Pi-Tchou
  • Moon of My Delight .... Li-Li-Wee & Prince Tao-Tee
  • Better Be Good to Me .... Li-Li-Wee & Prince Tao-Tee
  • The Tartar Song .... Tartar Chief & Chorus
  • Singing a Love Song .... Tartar Chief & Chorus

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Trivia & History

  • The musical numbers listed on this page are the principle numbers listed in the program. A program note stated: "The musical numbers, some of them very short, are so interwoven with the story that it would be confusing for the audience to peruse a complete list."
  • Two songs featured music recycled from Rodgers and Hart's Simple Simon. They were "I Must Love You" (recycled from "Send for Me") and "Singing a Love Song" (recycled from "I Still Believe in You").

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