Carmen Jones

Original Broadway Production (1943)

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Cast Highlights

Sergeant Brown
Husky Miller
Mr. Higgins

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Opening Scene .... Corporal Morrell, Cindy Lou & Workmen
  • Lift 'Em Up and Put 'Em Down .... Street Boys
  • Honey Gal o' Mine .... Workers
  • Good Luck, Mr. Flyin' Man .... Ensemble & Dancers
  • Dat's Love .... Carmen & Ensemble
  • You Talk Just Like My Maw .... Joe & Cindy Lou
  • Carmen Jones Is Goin' to Jail .... Ensemble
  • Dere's a Cafe on de Corner .... Carmen & Joe
  • Finaletto & Entr'Scene
  • Beat Out Dat Rhythm on a Drum .... Myrt, Drummer, Dancers & Ensemble
  • Stan' Up and Fight .... Husky Miller
  • Whizzin' Away Along de Track .... Rum, Dink, Myrt, Frankie & Carmen
  • Dis Flower .... Joe
  • If You Would Only Come Away .... Carmen & Joe
  • Finale Act I

Act Two

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  • De Cards Don't Lie .... Frankie, Myrt & Card Players
  • Dat Ol' Boy .... Carmen
  • Poncho de Panther from Brazil .... Frankie, Myrt, Husky Miller, Rum & Ensemble
  • Ballet Divertisement
  • My Joe .... Cindy Lou
  • Get Your Program for de Big Fight .... Ensemble
  • Dat's Our Man .... Ensemble
  • Finale

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Trivia & History

Originally, Max Gordon was to produce.

Rehearsals were originally to begin in September 1942. But when work on Oklahoma! took up more of writer Oscar Hammerstein II's time, the production was postponed. Because of the postponement, Max Gordon dropped out as producer. Not long after, Billy Rose came on as producer (Al Jolson was also trying to acquire the show).

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