Original Broadway Production (1956)

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Cast Highlights

Dr. Pangloss
Very, Very Old Inquisitor
Old Lady
Marquis Milton
Sultan Milton
Governor of Buenos Aires

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Ensemble: The Best of All Possible Worlds .... Pangloss and Chorus
  • Duet: Oh, Happy We .... Candide and Cunegonde
  • Song: It Must Be So .... Candide
  • Lisbon Sequence .... Infant Casmira, Conjuror and Chorus
  • Song: It Must Be Me .... Candide
  • Mazurka
  • Aria: Glitter and Be Gay .... Cunegonde
  • Duet: You Were Dead, You Know .... Candide and Cunegonde
  • Pilgrims' Procession .... Pilgrims
  • Serenade: My Love .... The Governor, Cunegonde, Old Lady
  • Tango: I Am Easily Assimilated .... Old Lady, Cunegonde and Chorus
  • Quartet Finale .... Cunegonde, Candide, Old Lady and Governor

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte
  • Trio: Quiet .... Cunegonde, Old Lady and Governor
  • Ballad: Eldorado .... Candide
  • Schottische: Bon Voyage .... Governor and Chorus
  • Waltz: What's the Use? .... Old Lady, Bazzini, Ferone, Ivan and Chorus
  • Gavotte .... Pangloss, Old Lady, Cunegonde and Candide
  • Finale: Make Our Garden Grow .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

On February 13, 1956, it was announced in the New York Times that Alfred Drake had been offered the "starring role of Dr. Pangloss" in the production. On May 5, the theatre column in the Times told readers that "Alfred Drake is reported set for 'Candide.'"

Yet just a few weeks later, on May 24, 1956, the Times reported that Tom Ewell would play the dual role of Dr. Pangloss and Martin in the production. On June 1, it was again mentioned in the Times (on page 14) that Ewell would be starring in the show. On June 20, it was announced that Ewell had dropped out of the production "because he felt the musical demand of the part intended for him was beyond his scope."

On Sunday, July 29, it was reported in the "Rialto Gossip" column of section 2 in the Times that it looked like the search for an actor to played the roles was at an end, and that the actor would be Max Adrian.

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