Original Broadway Production (1953)

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Cast Highlights

Judge Paul Barriere
Judge Aristide Forestier
Hilaire Jussac
Boris Adzinidzinadze
La Mome Pistache

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture]
  • Maidens Typical of France .... The Laundresses
  • Never Give Anything Away .... Pistache
  • C'Est Magnifique .... Pistache and Aristide
  • Quadrille .... Claudine, Laundresses and Friends, with Bert May
  • Come Along With Me .... Jussac and Boris
  • Live and Let Live .... Pistache
  • I Am in Love .... Aristide
  • If You Loved Me Truly .... Boris, Claudine, Theophile, Hercule, Etienne, Gabrielle, Celestine and Marie
  • Montmart' .... Singing Ensemble
  • The Garden of Eden Ballet .... Eve (Claudine), Inchworms, Flamingos, Kangaroos, Penguins, Sea Horses, Frogs, Leopards and Snake
  • Allez-Vous-En .... Pistache

Act Two

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  • [Entr'acte]
  • Never, Never Be an Artist .... Adzinidzinadze, Theophile, Etienne and Model
  • It's All Right With Me .... Aristide
  • Every Man Is a Stupid Man .... Pistache
  • The Apaches .... Claudine and Dancers, with Ralph Beaumont
  • I Love Paris .... Pistache
  • Reprise: C'Est Magnifique .... Aristide and Pistache
  • Can-Can .... Pistache, Claudine and Laundresses
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Early in development, Carol Channing was mentioned as the star but a deal couldn't be reached. This was mentioned in theatre columns in the New York Times on March 17, 1952, and April 9, 1952. The theatre column on July 27, 1952, announced that the role would instead be played by Lilo.

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