By Jupiter

Original Broadway Production (1942)

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A Herald
First Sentry

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Act One

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  • For Jupiter and Greece .... Achilles, a Herald and Greek Warriors
  • The Amazons .... Amazon Warriors
  • Jupiter Forbid .... Hippolyta, Sentries and Sergeant
  • Life With Father .... Sapiens
  • Nobody's Heart .... Antiope
  • In the Gateway of the Temple of Minerva .... Theseus and Ensemble
  • Life With Father (Reprise) .... Pomposia and Sapiens
  • Here's a Hand .... Theseus and Antiope
  • No, Mother, No .... Sapiens and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • The Boy I Left Behind Me .... Buria and Ensemble
  • Nobody's Heart (Reprise) .... Sapiens
  • Ev'rything I've Got .... Sapins and Hippolyta
  • Bottoms Up .... A Herald, Hippolyta, Antiope, Homer, Achilles, Minerva, Amazon Dancer, Slaves and Ensemble
  • Careless Rhapsody .... Antiope and Theseus
  • Finaletto .... Sapiens, Hippolyta, Pomposia and Ensemble
  • Ev'rything I've Got (Reprise) .... Hippolyta
  • Wait Till You See Her .... Theseus an Ensemble
  • Now That I've Got My Strength .... Sapiens, Penelope, Minerva and Ensemble
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Performances were suspected from March 30 through April 3, 1943, due to Ray Bolger being ill with laryngitis and the grippe (according to press reports at the time).

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