Bravo Giovanni

Original Broadway Production (1962)

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Cast Highlights

Giovanni Venturi
Signor Bellardi
Signora Pandolfi
Night Club Manager

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Rome .... Giovanni
  • Uriti .... Bellardi and Full Ensemble
  • Breachy's Law .... Giovanni and Amedeo
  • I'm All I've Got .... Miranda
  • The Argument .... Giovanni and Bellardi
  • Signora Pandolfi .... Amedeo, Pandolfi, Manager and Musicians
  • The Kangaroo .... Pandolfi, Manager, Waiters, Musicians and Kitchen Help
  • If I Were the Man .... Giovanni
  • Steady, Steady .... Miranda
  • We Won't Discuss It .... Giovanni and Amedeo
  • Ah! Camminare .... Troubadour, Giovanni and Entire Company

Act Two

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  • Breachy's Law (Reprise) .... Giovanni, Amedeo, Pandolfi and Miranda
  • Uriti Kitchen .... Bellardi, Moscolito, Carlo, Head Chef, Pizza Maker, Salad Chef, Bakers, Soup Cook and Helpers
  • Virtue Arrivederci .... Bellardi
  • Bravo, Giovanni .... Giovanni, Bellardi and Singing Ensemble
  • One Little World Apart .... Miranda
  • Connubiality .... Pandolfi and Amedeo
  • Miranda .... Giovanni

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Some online sources incorrectly give the date of the first Broadway preview as May 17, 1962. The production started Broadway previews on May 16. 

The production went on hiatus after the performance on July 14, 1962, due to awful grosses. It was announced that the show would re-open after Labor Day. It was hoped that once the summer slump that used to afflict Broadway was over, grosses would improve significantly. When the production re-opened on Friday, September 7, it was quickly clear this was not going to happen to anything like a degree that would justify keeping the show running. It closed permanently the following weekend.

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